7 Cameras for urban photography

Our list of great cameras for urban photography.

 Urban and street photography is an art and you obviously need a gear to capture the beauty at the streets. Well in this case, the gear is the camera. When it comes to choosing a camera for the urban photography, you can pretty much use anything if you are good at capturing the beauty in a camera. But if you are a professional urban or street photographer, then the features such as the viewfinder, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, AF general, LCD screen and stealth are important to capture a breath-taking view.

If you are finding for a suitable urban photography gear, here are some amazing cameras that would make the perfect solid street performers. Although, you can even flaunt your photography skills through a mobile camera too, but these cameras work wonders in finding you the perfect view, angle and light for your shots.
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  • It has a 35mm- f/2 high resolution lens that is perfect for shooting on streets in a low light.
  • The electronic hybrid viewfinder feature in this camera lets you change between the electronic view and the optical view at a fastest speed. It lets you observe the view in electronic viewfinder to focus the manually controlled shot.
  • It has an amazing speed due to the 24.4 MP APS CS TRANS CMOS 3 sensor. It is coupled with an imaging processor that allows you to see in full resolution of  8 fps.
  • You can even record a video with 1080 resolution at 60 fps.  
  • The 91 hybrid  built-in AF system in the digital camera comprises of 49 phase detection points for accuracy.
  • The AF system runs at a speed of only 0.2 seconds.
  • Moreover, it has a built-in WIFI,  film simulation and a lever for rear focus.
  • It is an all-rounder camera with a longer 24-00 mm equivalent zoom.
  • It is perfect for traveling photography.
  • It has a distinctive pop-up viewfinder feature.
  • It can record a 4K HD video. It features a 20.1 MP 1" sensor.
  • It is the perfect gear for street and urban photography with a high resolution 24.2 MP APS C Sensor.
  • It boasts a static 28mm f/2 equivalent lens. It also includes the image shake reduction and stabilization feature.
  • It has a sleek and minimalistic design that can fit in your pocket.
  • Olympus PEN-F is one of the most successful cameras for urban and street photography. It has all the digital and latest feature that are enough to capture the everyday shots on the streets.
  • The genuine half-frame design comes from the 2.03 Four-Thirds Live MOS sensor.
  • The perfect image stabilization comes from the 2.36m dot OLED EVF, 5 Axis in body.
  • It includes a 50 MP high resolution shoot mode, monochrome/ color profiles and a creative dial.
  • Q2 is a perfect urban photography digital equipment due to its numerous features in a compact size.
  • It is one of the highest resolution option with full frame  47.3 MP sensor and the built-in Crop modes to adjust the different focal lengths.
  • The Summilux 28mm equivalent f/1.7 ASPH is the key reason for its popularity in the urban photography industry.
  • This camera is perfect for traveling because of its 4K video recording an a 3.68 MP OLED electronic view-finder. It's design is moisture-free and dust-free.
Leica Model M-A (Type 27)
  • It is manual M-mounted 35mm range-finder camera with no battery requirements.
  • The shutter speed is 1-1 by 1000 seconds plus B.
  • It's viewfinder has a parallax compensating, auto-indexing and selectable frame structures for the lenses of size 28mm to 135mm.
  • It features a rewind know (vintage style) and a single-stroke manual wind lever.
  • This digital camera is a top-notch gear for the urban, street and traveling photography.
  • It captures high-quality photos but it is mainly used for capturing 4K videos.
  • It captures the photos with a 42 megapixel lens.
  • It has a high ISO capability and lets you capture picture in poor lighting.
  • Moreover, it has a 5 axis body image shake reduction and image stabilization.
There's a wide collection of digital cameras that you can choose from, specifically for urban photography. The brands such as Olympus, Fujifilm, Leica, Lumix, Sony, Nikon and Canon provide you with the best digital camera to capture the beauty of the streets. However, there are some photographers who have gained fame, entirely by mobile photography.

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