How To Start A Photography Blog

I don't think it is ever late to do what you love. Whether it is to learn photography or two take part in a long-distance marathon. It just depends on your will power. If you have a passion for something, it is good to chase your dreams, even if it means starting all over again. For instance, if you think it is late to start your online blog or to create your own website, you might want to re-consider. It is never too late for anything. We wrote this article so that you can have a little online assistance about developing your own online blog where you can post whatever interests you. Although, this article is merely photography-related, you can take the effective tips from here and apply it to your website of any niche.

Here is the complete guide to starting an online journal of your own.

Plan your Blog

Before starting with your blog or your website, it is important to devise a plan rather than digging in the process. I always suggest to devise a plan so that you can have a path to follow. Devising of the plan includes your niche. If your niche is photography, think about the prime reason of why you are promoting photography. If you get your answer, think about the type of content or the type of information you would provide on your website or on your blog.
For ease, you can start by asking yourself some questions like:

Are you creating a blogging website to promote or to expand your photography business?

Will your online web diary be an extension or the blueprint of your upcoming portfolio website?

Are you promoting the photography content because of your interest or hobby or is it because you want to earn some profit out of it?

Does your devised plan include promoting your photography brand or to educate the viewers entirely about photography?

Are you starting the web log to inspire your viewers or to gain the maximum number of views for revenue?

Do you ever, at any point, want to earn money through your photography web diary?

How much time will you invest on your photography-related online journal?

If you want to monetize the web traffic on your blog, you need to devise a proper business plan for streamlines business processes. A proper business plan will help you to convince your audience, attract a wider audience, outline your business goals develop a strategic marketing scheme to run your business smoothly.  Although, nothing goes as planned in an online business but it is best to anticipate your goals and targets so that you can work better for a better productivity output.  It always helps to have some sort of a business strategy to reference if you are progressing towards your goal.  If your goal is to earn revenue from your photography online journal, the best idea is to join our affiliate program. From joining your affiliate program, you might be able to monetize your traffic or even be able to sell your presets.

Come Up With A Name And A Domain Name

I think that choosing your name and your domain name is the first step of commencing your blog or your online photography business. It is essential that you come up with a name and a domain name together as it is highly necessary for your domain name to complement the blog name. Moreover, be distinctive while choosing a business name or a web log name as most of the names do not have a matching domain name available. So, invest your time in finding about the same business name and a same domain name on the internet. Surf as much as you want. Make sure not copying or stealing someone's domain name. Once you've settled down with your domain and your web diary name, you can purchase the domain name. There are numerous places on the internet where you can buy domain names. Some of them being:

In my opinion, you should buy your domain name through Name cheap or Domain. The reason is that, these platforms are pretty easy to navigate. You won't have to go through a mountain of steps to buy a domain name. The perk of buying a domain name is that it is pretty inexpensive and is usually cost-effective. The price of a single domain name can be as low as $1.37 on Name cheap.

Choose A Desired Platform

This is one of the hardest tasks if you have started blogging. I mean, when I started a web diary, my email was flooded with many suggestion and at the end, I did not know which platform to choose. I could not decide the best platform. I had many platforms to choose from, such as WordPress, Squarespace or Wix. Well, from my experience, choosing a platform entirely depends upon your niche , preference and your business goals. Till now, we have found out that the Squarespace substantially fulfill everyone's needs and requirements according to various niches. Squarespace is a cost-effective website building platform that allows you to personalize your blogging website without spending extra cash on themes, templates and website designing. The drag and drop feature of the platform is pretty helpful when modifying your blogging website. On the contrary, WordPress allows you to modify and to control your website just as you need and whenever you need. Your photography blog should have an effective and a mesmerizing gallery feature to showcase your photography skills or your portfolio.
To read a brief comparison about both the platforms, here is an article that can assist you properly while choosing the best platform for your online journal, click here.

Design Your Blog And Brand

The content of your blog is the single most important aspect of your photography blog next to your brand. Your brand will drive your audience's attention towards your blog. For instance, your brand is that aspect of your web log that can make or break your business. It can even increase the web traffic or can decrease it too. You would be recognized by your brand and your content. However, there are millions of professional bloggers and you need a way to stand out among them. You need to be distinctive in order to stand out for more viewers.

What Does The Term, 'Branding' Mean?

Branding decides the whole outlook of your blog. For instance, it would indicate if your web diary is informative, sophisticated or formal. If not, is it playful and youthful? Whatever personality your blog suggests, make sure that your portfolio and your visuals complement the personality of your online journal.

Customize Your Website+ Design

It's about that that you set your visuals for your website. If you have chosen Squarespace, you will have a lot of themes and templates to choose from. If you have chosen WordPress, you can customize your website on your own by the help of any professional web designer or, you can choose from a wide range of WordPress themes, click here.

Create Blog Graphics

Your web diary should include Pinterest graphics, email banners, email graphics and photography.They can easily be designed or created using the designing programs such as Adobe Photoshop.  If you are not that tech-savvy, you can purchase from a wide range of already available customizable templates.

Keyword Research

Before moving onto this term, it is important to know what it is. Keyword research is the process of finding out the photography-related or your niche-related search terms that the internet users use on the internet to conduct certain information. An adequate keyword research would help you to build an effective marketing strategy and an efficient content strategy.

Importance Of Keyword Research
Almost every site is search engine optimized. No website gains popularity on Google if it is not search engine optimized. In fact, Google does not even like the websites that are not search engine optimized. But, keywords are useless if they have no intent behind. According to a SEO professional, the internet users look for the meaning of the keyword rather than looking for a specific keyword. That is why, long-tail keywords are used to depict the true meaning or intent behind a particular keyword.
However, keyword research is not an outdated process. Keyword research is essential to detect the topics that the people care about. But, using the correct SEO tools is also a challenge. It is important to find out if the topics that you mention on your web log are important to your audience or not. You can easily create content on the topics which the people love by carrying out a good keyword research. You can easily find out the most searched terms and create content on it. At last, you can add the keywords in these topics to make it easy for your audience to find them.
By an adequate keyword research and the most wanted intent, you can create content that answers most of the frequently asked questions by the audience. If you have answers to the questions of the audience, the audience will come rushing to your website.
The most effective keyword research tool, in my opinion, is SEMrush.

Start Blogging And Promoting Your Photography

If you've a clear vision on how to create an online journal, you can get started with your online journal to promote your photography. If you want your web diary to be informative, you can write upon many photography topics, such as inspiration posts, list posts, tutorial posts and more.
After producing content, the next step is to promote it. There are millions of ways and techniques to promote your content. Social media is standalone, the biggest platform to promote your content. Instagram and Facebook are the two most favorite social media platforms to promote your photography blog. Both platforms are quite good and useful to connect with many influencers and photographers. You can also promote your content by guest posting and through the email news letter. The options to promote your content are endless.
Now, that you have been taught every single thing about commencing a web diary, you can get started with your photography blog. However, do not forget to research about its legal side. Laws may vary depending on your location. Laws are completing different if you are treating your online web journal as a business. In my opinion, it is best to consult a professional for a good advice about starting an online business.
I hope this article was helpful enough for you to get started with it right away!
Here are some useful links so that you can commence it without any further delay.


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