Step by step guide on how to use Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are easy and quick to use. They edit your photo by 90%, in just one click. But before using the presets, you should know how to install them and to use them. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install and use the Lightroom presets.

  • After you've chosen the present, make sure to inspect the adjustments and edit tools that the preset has. Select the preset if it fulfills your editing requirements.
  • After you have selected the desired preset, click on the download link, below the display of the preset, to install the preset.
  • If you have Windows 10, the file would directly by saved into the downloads folder of the computer. If you are using mac iOS, the Google search engine would ask for the place or the drive, before saving it. Always choose an easy location such as the Desktop, from where you can access the preset quickly.
  • The file that you have just downloaded is compressed. Compressed files are easy to download and install. You have to unzip the files to start using the preset. You have to convert the compressed files into its original size, before you can use them.

  • You will be displayed the files in the preset folder, select all the files. Press the extract button to uncompress or unzip the files. After extracting them, you can place them in another folder, for accessing them quickly and easily.

  • After uncompressing the files, you will have to add or include the preset in the Lightroom, in order to use it. Open the Adobe Lightroom software and head directly over to the Development Module. You can also press 'D'.
  • The presets menu would just be under the preview image, on the left panel of the screen. Search for the 'User Presets', within the presets menu. It should be the last option of the Presets area.
  • Right-click the 'User Presets' option. You will be displayed two options, to either import or to create a New folder. Click on the 'New Folder', instead of the 'import' option. 'New Folder' is used to keep the presets organized.
  • After clicking on the desired option, a box will appear. Name the folder and create it.
  • After creating the new folder, right-click it and choose the 'import' option to add the downloaded present in Lightroom. Select the files from the preset folder and click on 'Import'.
  • Upload a picture and move back to the Develop Module. After the picture is selected, select the added preset.
  • The increments and settings, such as the exposure, brightness and lighting effect are displayed on the right panel of the screen


  • You can change the settings if you like. Moreover, these changes are not destructive. You can always revert back to the original picture.
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