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So what is Raw Urban shots after all?


After many years of dwelling with the infinite color interpretations, we have finally crafted some unique and high specific solutions that will enhance your photography workflow. From premium presets to workflow tools, from tips to accessories, we got your covered.

Finally, in 2017 we made all this possible, and since then we've been helping out many photographers to connect with creatives with the same passions and goals worldwide. We aren't alone here, and our partner in crime "Bangkok City Vibes" has a lot to do with this magnificent project.

Our main goal beyond giving solutions, is to inspire upcoming photographers on a daily basis via our Instagram feed. This all started out in Bangkok, and our main genre has been "street photography" since day one. We've reached a certain stage in which we want to grow bigger, and we want to help other artists  across other digital mediums.

Our Lightroom Presets will be an affordable way to cut down your average processing time, while enhancing your images quality just in a snap. Ergo, you'll have more time for doing what you love the most, being out there on the street with your camera, rather than spending countless hours in front of the screen.

Keep an eye on our website for regular Lightroom Preset bundles as well as some valuable information that will help you out into become a better photographer in no time.

Our main goal is to cheat time into you the best value in order to become a better photographer in an easier way than we have.

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