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If you want to write for us, we humbly welcome potential photographers to write high quality content for us.  By writing for us, not only will you receive a platform for exposure to your writing skills but we would also provide a link at the end of the article that would lead the readers to your personal blogging website and your social pages.
Please keep a note that we would not include any other links in the article. If you are ready to write for us, feel free to go to our 'Contact Us' page and drop a line of information for us so that we can brief you about the procedure. Please keep in mind that we only prefer genuine photographers and will only accept the guest posts provided by authentic photographers.

Due to the sheer volume of overwhelming response of the people to write for us, we are unable to respond or get back to the publishing guest posts quickly. Even after a hard check, we still miss to reply to some emails. If you do not get a reply from us on time, do not  be offended and send a reminder so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Make sure to mention or add your link that leads us to your blogging website or your photography website. If you would not provide us with a link to your personal website, we would not entertain you and would not respond to your request guest post email.

The content that you are going to create should be compelling, informative, relative, interesting and should relate to the photography industry. It should only be specific to the photography industry.
All the guest blog posts that you would write should be in English, with proper grammar and without any spelling mistakes.
The content that you would produce should be authentic, genuine and should not contain any plagiarism. It should not be found at any other website, including your own photography or blogging website. Moreover, do not send a re-published guest post. Re-published guest posts would not be accepted.

By providing us with content for our the guest post, you are granting the permission to the Raw Urban Shots to edit your content. You are entitled to agree to our terms before providing us with a blog post. But, you would always retain the copyrights to your content even if we change some material of the post.

The guest post that would write for the Raw Urban Shots would feature your identity, name, a short bio about you, your image for identification and links that would lead the readers directly to your blogging or photography website and to your social media pages.

Currently, we have a wide social circle of about 100k photographers and influencers from all around the world. This blog post will provide you with a chance to enhance your social media engagement and to improve your website's visibility, traffic flow and the SEO rankings.

Raw Urban Shots and Bangkok City Vibes will promote your blog posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The shortlisted or the most commendable articles would be included in your email blasts to our photographer enthusiasts.

Working with us can provide you with a chance to establish your name in the photography industry.

Raw Urban Shots will promote your blogging or photography website. It will increase your fan following on your own website and will help you to maintain a steady traffic.

You can add your presets if you are a part of our Raw Urban Shots network program. It is a great way to promote your own presets in front of a wide audience.


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