Ph Max Portrait & City Tones Presets Pack

This incredible city presets pack is great for adding beautiful colors and saturation to your street and portrait photos. Created by street and city photographer from Russia, known as @ph_max.


A few words from @ph_max about its settings:


“This set was very diverse. When creating tried to take into account various variations of weather, time of day, lighting conditions. It includes 14 presets, which include warm and gray shades, and also include 2 black and white and cinema filters.


Use them in your photos of streets, portraits or travels, and you can add color, saturation, and clarity to your photos.


Begin your editing workflow with these urban Lightroom Presets from @ph_max.


  • 14 Desktop Lightroom Presets
  • City Effects
  • Film Effects for Portraits
  • Street / City
  • Black and White effects
  • Free help and support from Raw Urban Shots


| want to remind you that my photos are different from yours, so when you apply filters, it is important to be able to adjust the exposure, temperature, and shadows.